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Places to see in Surrey

This county is said to be the densely populated with a population of 1.1 million in the South East Region. And there are quite some popular locations for the visitors to see around in Surrey. If you are interested in maze then you got to visit the Hedge Maze, Tudor knot garden, and the red brick Tudor palace as well.

The next prominent place you have to visit in Surrey is Brook lands Museum, the birthplace for the British Aviation and Motorsport. And your next stop would be at the RHS Garden Wisley which has the state-of-the-art Glasshouse with luscious rose gardens.

If you love Mercedes Benz, then you have to go to this iconic place where you will get to see the rarest collection of cars on the show every day and the best part here is that the entry is absolutely free. And the 1886 café offers the visitors with hot and cold drinks to refresh and enjoy the auto show. And finally, you can go ahead and visit the Windsor and Hampton Court Palace in a day trip to London.